Silicone coated paper from Creo

Silicone paper is a multibranch product, used wherever viscous elements have to be separated. In addition, siliconized paper is a fat-proof barrier and is usually reusable. Silicone paper can be single or double-sided silicone, have different basis weight and vary in the level of silicone coating and color. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place and protected from direct sunlight.

The advantages of silicone paper

- high resistance to extremely high and low temperature,

- durability,

- no adhesion to most sticky and viscous substances,

- does not absorb water,

- has a neutral odor,

- it is ecological, produced in accordance with environmental standards, it can be recycled,

- easy to use,


Silicone paper is mainly used:

- as a protection of the surface covered with glue,

- in the production of labels, films and self-adhesive wallpapers, tapes, silicon strips for envelopes,

- when packing unvulcanized rubber, adhesive products,

- in the production of feminine hygiene and dressing in the medical sector,

- for the printing house as a screen printing transfer paper.

- for the production of rubber and raw rubber as anti-adhesive paper.

- in the food industry in the form of sheets with silicone, intended for direct contact with food.


Silicone paper is available in sheets or rolls. Modern technical tools allow you to create holes inside the sheet, which allows you to put paper on the core. If you need a specific specification and size of siliconized paper, it is best to contact a professional employee of our company who has the expertise and advise the best solution. As a company with an experienced team and specialized and extensive machine park, we are able to provide a wide range of assortment, tailored to the needs of each application. We deliver standard products within 48 hours.